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Promoting Peace, International Friendship and Global Harmony

Nagasaki, Nagasaki 

 Heiwa (平和) means "Peace" and "Harmony" in English. 

Why Camp Heiwa?

Our Mission

Camp Heiwa is Camp Peace. Our camp name represents this important virtue that is firmly held here in the soul of Nagasaki, Japan. Peace education in this historically significant city, is special to those who call Nagasaki home as it was the second and last city on earth to be devastated by an atomic bomb. We stand beside Nagasaki in its wish for the world to never see something like it again. Camp Heiwa and Nagasaki aspire for global harmony. What better way to do so than to connect with and make friends from around the world and share each other's language and culture.

Camp Heiwa aims to bring individuals from all around the world together to share their love for Japan, Japanese culture, and the Japanese language. We provide a safe, supportive, and friendly camp environment and unique camp experience. It is our mission to bring the world together one friendship at a time, promoting peace and global harmony in the City of Peace itself: Nagasaki, Japan. 

Image by Tayawee Supan
Image by Tayawee Supan

Citizens of Nagasaki long for a world without war and hold the meaning of peace close to their hearts. It is our mission to uphold this belief and promote peace, international friendship and global harmony as we come together at Camp Heiwa to make friendships and memories that will last us a lifetime.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Camp Heiwa is one of GHJ International's newest camp programs. GHJ International, formerly known as Guy Healy Japan, has been operating since 1984 with a variety of language projects and programs that have sent over 100,000 American and Japanese students, athletes, and teachers to Japan and the United States to experience each others' cultures. 

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