​The Japanese government is currently enforcing strict restrictions and limitations on travel to Japan. We are waiting until the restrictions have been lifted to invite campers to Camp Heiwa. We are hopeful but have not yet made a final decision to hold sessions in Japan during the summer of 2022.

Camp Heiwa Nagasaki



Camp Heiwa is a unique Japanese language learning camp program located in Nagasaki, Japan. We are somewhere freely in-between a traditional language school and the true camp experience. We bring campers from all around the world, in hopes of promoting peace, international friendship, global harmony, and making memories that will last you a lifetime!

Whether you're new to the language or want to take your language skills to the next level, Camp Heiwa is for anyone looking to make new friends from around the world and experience the Japanese language and culture with their new team in Nagasaki, Japan.